We have enjoyed Trey as our personal trainer…very professional and personable. He tailors each workout for our needs and capabilities  …. We actually see progress in so many areas where we were weak. Thank you for the service you provide. 

                                                                                                 -Reb and Diane Beck

As a past client of Trey Tate, I am pleased to recommend his personal training services. Trey possesses a skill set and an attitude which, together, makes him a fantastic trainer for fitness novices and experienced exercisers, alike. In addition to being courteous, professional, and genuinely affable, Trey is knowledgeable, encouraging, and creative in his efforts to help clients meet their fitness goals. Moreover, he is always safety-minded, approaching each session with the client’s unique needs – be they physical or psychological in nature – at the forefront of his attention.

I hired Trey with the goal in mind of cultivating a fitness routine I could do at home. I had been a regular “gym rat” in my college years; but after a too-long hiatus from my exercise regimen, and years of working a desk job, I had gone woefully soft! I was ready for a return to fitness, but I knew I needed help. Trey provided me with routines that were tailored to my ability. Each session was challenging and full of variety. Plus, in response to my issues with knee pain, Trey was watchful of my form and really listened to my feedback, ensuring that my workouts were not only effective, but safe.

I was further impressed by how adaptable Trey is. Whether by modifying the exercises to accommodate my knee pain, or by incorporating moves from my favorite fitness disciplines (boxing and yoga), Trey crafted sessions that were both rewarding and effective. When weather permitted, he’d move the session outside for a welcome change of pace. He has a real knack for keeping clients engaged and committed. Further, he is proof positive that a personal trainer need not be a drill sergeant. Trey knows his clients don’t need to be commanded into getting results; they need to be inspired and supported. I’ve never heard him voice that philosophy, but he doesn’t need to because, honestly, he exemplifies it.

Trey helped me accomplish my goal of creating a new, sustainable exercise habit in my life. His training services were the perfect springboard into a fitter lifestyle. Trey helped me regain my physical strength, but more importantly, he empowered me with the confidence that I could be successful at regularly exercising on my own again. Trey introduced me to new tools and ideas that I continue to use in my own home fitness routine today. I would recommend him as a trainer to anyone at any fitness level, anytime!

                                                                                                   -Saskia Clayton

Trey is a creative and positive trainer. He has a great attitude and truly believes in what he is doing. Trey’s workouts are challenging and effective. While working with Trey, my strength, flexibility, and endurance improved greatly. My stress levels decreased along with my weight. In our time together, I lost over 50lbs and would recommend Trey to anyone needing to get their health back on a positive track. He can help you succeed

                                                                                            -Rebecca McCracken

   Trey Tate is a strong, fit, and limber trainer.  He lives where he teaches.  His body has personally been shaped by a wise use of the principles of sports exercise science.  Trey listens…very well.  He is incisive and analytic in problem solving.  Trey moved me forward in strength, endurance, and flexibility.  I am grateful to have met him.

                                                                                             -Robert Zugiman

   I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a kid. I’ve gone on one diet after the other and in the end I was only left with a feeling that no matter what I did I was always going to be on the losing end of the battle of the bulge. The only bright point was thanks to the low carb craze that gave me great results but didn’t last. I lost 120 lbs only to put it back on again because the diet couldn’t be maintained without health problems. 
    Like most people I didn’t think I could afford a personal trainer and so I never bothered to hire one. When I met Trey through a friend it seemed like a sign and I started getting myself back on track. He took the time to explain why the exercises he was giving me were important. He also never made me feel that the progress I was making was anything other than the right rate for me. He was encouraging and supportive and more than anything that helped me get to a place of health I hadn’t been in a long time! If you are looking for a trainer, whether it is for a long term, major weight loss, or just to shed those unwanted pounds I would pick Trey Tate. You couldn’t find someone more willing to help you reach your goals!

                                                                                                 -Rev. Kyler Pettry (L.M.T)

     I am proud to say that I was Trey Tate’s first client as a professional personal trainer. I have to admit, that at first I was skeptical of hiring one so professionally inexperienced (he had been training friends and colleagues for some time, but without the “creds” on which to hang his proverbial hat). My hesitancy was totally unfounded. Trey is knowledgeable in all areas fitness, from Yoga to endurance. His understanding about ways to get in shape without injury is comprehensive. But a good trainer must be more than aware of which muscle groups to engage. He sought my opinion regarding my goals, brought different work outs to the sessions so that we could see together which was the best fit, and episodically asked about how I felt about my progress and if I thought there was anything he could be doing differently. My favorite trainer trait, however, is his love of trying to get me moving outdoors. I live in a beautiful area, with trails nearby. If the weather allowed, we took our sessions outside, which was both invigorating and relaxing. It also taught me how to use my environment on my own. After several weeks, I saw a difference in my energy level, my strength and balance, and, of course, my weight. Our sessions were flexible and therefore always fun (as much fun as working resistant muscle) could be. To those clients that follow me, best of luck. Enjoy the process. You will do well with Trey.    

                                                                                                    -Dr. Judy Lucas