Life is a rose bush, full of beautiful fragrant roses and sharp painful thorns.

We can train the mind to focus on the roses while also appreciating the times pricked with thorns.

As you awake to start your day, think and embody three things you are grateful for.

It could be hot potable water. The sunshine and rain for the plants. The roof over your head. The bed under your back.  The wheels that maneuver you through the street. The friends and family who give life meaning.

Whatever those three gratitudes are, envision them in your mind and feel them in your body and soul.

When you stumble into the thorns, your nervous system will be better able to handle the stress of pain and discomfort.

End your day with three things or events that you were grateful for during that cycle.

Over time, notice the improvement in your happiness and ability to take on life.

To your health,

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