Consistent Discipline

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You, my friend, are so disciplined. You are disciplined in your daily habits.

Some are good and some are bad, but they are your daily choices.

Everyday, you climb your ladder towards your (unconscious) goal.

Reaching for the smoke or glass, the chair or squat rack, computer mouse or yoga mat, salad or BBQ, banana or hot pocket.

The days you don’t move, your body learns not to move.

The days you eat unhealthy adds to your piggy bank of extra calories.

I see people come to class for a day or two and then fall off the bandwagon.  They choose to do the comfortable thing and wonder why they never change.  They are disciplined in their habit of not attending.

Let’s say you are disciplined in drinking a soda everyday.  Those extra calories add up over time.  Say you consume extra calories that lead to 1 pound of fat a week.  In 52 weeks you earned 52 pounds of consistent discipline.

Flip it and say you are disciplined to walk a mile every day.  In the end of the week, you burned enough calories to lose a pound a week.   In the end of that year, you would be 52 pounds less.

You can discipline yourself to meditate 10 minutes a day or a few times a week.

You can discipline yourself to watch a T.V. show for 30 minutes a day.

Each consistent choice leads to how you think, feel, move.

Every day, your choices add up – Are you disciplined towards your conscious goal or your unconscious goal?

You are so disciplined, my friend, and you didn’t even know it!

Need help in flipping the discipline?  I am here to help!


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