Your shit ain’t good enough for my plants.


I was bad the other day.  I ate fast food :).

Man, it was so tasty! Chick-fila fried sandwich and a large fry (no soda).

I didn’t realize this was setting me up for an anecdotal experiment.

I eat a diet that is about 80% real food – local if possible and closest to natural state.

My chikafila sandwich was certainly not natural, and can thank science for its perfect ratios of fats, salts, sugars, and stabilizers to make it so tasty.


The day after this meal, I had to use the squatty potty right upon waking at 530am and the kids didn’t have their usual shape.  Strike one for out of the ordinary. (My squatty potty is stylish teak)

I continued to have two more bowel movements later that day – all smelly, not the usual self-indulgent smell.   Strike two!

Two days after my meal, my sweat began to have a terrible odor. Strike three!

If your sweat and shit stink, then your diet is probably shit!

People are always saying, “I have to hit the gym”.  First, you should be saying, “I need to hit the veggies, the plants, and the humble protein sources.”

This experiment synchronistically occurred with my obese neighbor informing me that her husband was going in for colon cancer surgery.

At first glance, this man appears a healthy weight.  However, the diet that manifested obesity in his wife, came to life as colon cancer in himself.

Your food can either make you healthy and vibrant or sick and numb.

There is a permaculture technique called humanure that utilizes a process to make human excrement viable for growing plants.

nutrient cycle humanure

Whatever your opinion is of that:

Would you rather have the humanure made from humans that ate a plant based diet and local happy animals,


From humans that ate packaged, processed foods and dined regularly at fast food establishments?

My point is this – if your shit ain’t good enough for my plants,  what does that say about your diet?

What you put into your body is so so so important.  Please, don’t ever forget this fact.

To your health,


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2 thoughts on “Your shit ain’t good enough for my plants.

  1. Good stuff Trey. All true as once I became mostly vegan I did notice all the good changes your talking about. The biggie was the weight loss and more energy. The non smelling poop is a bonus. Peace C

    • Thanks for the comment, Chris! It’s amazing how many issues can become non-issues once we give the body what it was born to receive. Much love, brother.

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