Play and Let Your Inner Child Bring You Back Into Shape.

Trey Indoboard

There is a widespread belief that exercise has to be a structured and regimented process.

But where is the fun in that?  Kids know where the magic is – they play!  As adults, we need control in our lives.  We fear being judged.  We fear failure.  Kids don’t have time for that, and they let their bodies express themselves.

You don’t need a gym to be in shape.  All you need is your body, some creativity, and the ability to connect back with your inner child!  Jump, squat, or roll on the ground.  Don’t think about it, just allow it to happen.  Enjoy!

Some of my favorites:  Indoboarding, trailing running, hiking, yoga, climbing trees and rocks, bodyweight exercises with variation of pull ups and pushups, and gym rings.

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