Bodyweight – Free Equipment That is With You At All Times

Bear Crawl

Are you completely lost when it comes to starting a fitness regiment?

It’s easy – just start with your own body weight.

For one, you always have your body with you – so no excuses. Two, you aren’t adding further resistance (weight) onto a broken-down, imbalanced body.

Body weight allows you to build a solid, functional foundation. Before you start to add muscle, you want to wake up the nervous system to properly fire the correct muscle groups for a certain movement.

The body is lazy, and after years of doing horrible form and being in terrible postures, it is going to fire the muscles you have been teaching it to fire. We have to teach the nervous system to fire the correct muscle groups!  Needless to say, you do not want to be lifting heavy until you teach the body to fire the correct muscle groups.

So what to do? Do 15 reps of each exercise to make a circuit. Rest 2 mins. Repeat circuit 2x times

Pushups – There are so many variations, but start with standard. Get in a plank position with feet together and hands under your shoulders.  Find your sphincter and squeeze it – this will engage your glutes and tuck your pelvis.  Now that you are stable, externally rotate your hands into the ground so the pits of your elbows are forward and gently draw your shoulder blades down and back. You are finally ready to do a pushup. Keeping everything tight, breathe in as you go down and breathe out as you push away the ground and drive your elbows forward back to the starting position.

Body Squats – Make sure knees go out away from midline during the whole movement and heels stay on the ground

Pull-Ups – Imagine breaking the bar with your hands as you pull up

Bear Crawl or Reptile Crawl – Get on all fours and crawl like a bear. Make sure core is engaged – think of doing a kegel.

Regular/Side Planks – At least 30 seconds. Squeeze glutes and draw 1.5 inches below navel.

Front/Side Lunges – 15 Per Leg.  Do a kegel. Take a lunging step and try to keep torso as vertical as possible.

One Leg Balance Deadlifts – Break slightly at knee and hinge hips back to load glutes and hamstrings. This action levers your body downward. Touch foot and come back up by driving hips forward and squeezing glutes at top of motion. 15/leg

Punch/Kick – Freestyle it, you don’t have to have a bag or target

Run/Walk – 30 minutes a day is great for mind and body.

Yoga Poses – Dog and Warrior poses to start.  Here is sun salutation.sun salutation

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