Gymnastic Rings, The Forest, and Meditation.

gymnastic ringsHere is a video of me letting my mind float in the woods. I am fully present and letting the thoughts in my head melt away. The birds chirping, the cold air on my body, the blood pumping and flowing – all this allowing me to get out of my head and fully immerse myself into my environment. I am one with the environment, much like the squirrel climbing the trees around me. I am a living organism surrounded by other living organisms – I am not the contents of my head. Go find your place of solitude and peace and realize that you too are not the voices inside your head. I will have more in future months on the mind and meditation for I firmly believe the mind is the foundation for where everything starts. If interested – I am preforming a muscle up, iron cross, L sit, dips, inverted roll stretch, and pull ups.

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